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Switching to Valley First is simple—let us show you how easy it is to get great service, expert advice and products and services that suit your business banking needs.

Unlimited Chequing for Business®

Only $30/month for all your business banking needs!

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Switching Made Simple

Perhaps you've seen something on our website or in one of our locations to make you say "Hey, I think I want to switch to that credit union that promises to make my financial life simple!" But, you're not sure how to do that in an easy way.

Well, we can certainly help you with that. To easily switch your bank account from your current financial institution to a Valley First account, contact us online or visit a branch near you.

Ready to apply? Switching to Valley First is simple!


Contact us online to apply for a new business account—our approval process is quick and simple.

In Person

If you're more comfortable coming in to see us, we'd be happy to open a new business account for you or make changes to your existing account with us.

By Phone

If you’d like to call us, here is a complete list of our branch and insurance office numbers.