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Starting Your Business

Why jump into starting a business without a little help from your friendly neighborhood credit union? We're here to help you through all of life's big decisions.

Business Planning

Planning your business and other considerations can get tough, we can provide you with simple advice on how to get started.

Growing Your Business

Grow your business far above your expecation—let us help you grow it with ease.

Creating a Non-Profit

Non-profit organization are always a good things in your community—let us shares your passion for giving back.


Financial Advice

Reality bites: Valley First expert shares five signs your bank just isn’t that into you

Just like the dating world, where men and women have a seemingly endless pool of potential mates to choose from, so too do business owners when it comes to choosing their financial institution of choice.

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Financial Advice

Small business marketing—Making the most of the media

So you’ve just started a small business with a great new product. The next question you and every small business owner inevitably will face is: how do I get the word out?

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Fraud Advice

Protecting your small business from fraud—Employee Management

A 2011 survey by the Certified General Accounts Association of Canada reported that employee fraud costs small businesses $800 million annually. Here's how you can protect from employee related fraud.

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