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B.C. Small Business Accord: “Encouraging first steps”

Valley First is applauding the collaborative work of small business leaders and the provincial government on the first anniversary of the B.C. Small Business Accord.

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Reality bites: Valley First expert shares five signs your bank just isn’t that into you

Just like the dating world, where men and women have a seemingly endless pool of potential mates to choose from, so too do business owners when it comes to choosing their financial institution of choice.

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Growing your business by working the business beat

In business, referrals and word of mouth recommendations are huge. For many business owners, there’s no better way to create buzz than by going old school—getting out and telling people who you are and what you do. Hitting the local business beat can drive feet through your front door.

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Business advice—Making sense of business insurance

Let’s be honest, insurance can be confusing. There are hundreds of providers, types and levels of insurance—often with specific requirements that can make or break the policy. For the business owner, knowing which insurance is a must-have and which they can do without can seem like a shot in the dark. Here are a few considerations that will help make purchasing business insurance easier – and potentially reduce the cost as well.

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Business marketing—Making the most of the media

So you’ve just started a business with a great new product. The next question you and every business owner inevitably will face is: how do I get the word out? In an age of increasing digital communication, shortened attention spans and “must use” media platforms launching almost weekly, knowing how to engage your customers can be a difficult question to answer. The good news is that a few simple steps can get you a long way towards customers' feet walking through your front door.

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Protecting your business from fraud—Employee Management

A 2011 survey by the Certified General Accounts Association of Canada reported that employee fraud costs businesses $800 million annually, most of which is theft of inventory, assets, cash and company documents.

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Protecting your business from fraud—Don't be a target

We’re too small. We don’t have anything cyber criminals would want. Security is too expensive. These all tend to be reasons businesses use to justify ignoring information security. Unfortunately, this casual attitude doesn’t prevent a business becoming a fraud target.

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Protecting your business from fraud—Know Your Accounts

Fraud. It’s something that business owners rarely think about until they are faced with the aftermath of becoming a victim, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Top tips for Interior's business baby boomers

Recently, a new survey revealed more than half of Canadians in the baby boomer generation have either launched or are considering a business venture before they reach retirement. This is particularly true in B.C.'s Interior, where start-up businesses and an aging demographic are key components of the regional economy.

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Financial advice for business owners

Making up more than 47 per cent of all companies, businesses are key drivers for our economy. And, with most large employers based in major centres, businesses are even more important to the economic vitality of the Okanagan, Similkameen and Thompson valleys.

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