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Feature Member: Wild Scallion

Business Services Manager Alan Fetterly didn’t have to walk very far from our Penticton main branch before he reached his lunchtime destination - the Wild Scallion on Front Street.

The Wild Scallion offers a few incredible chicken dishes, but most of the menu is devoted to global vegan cuisine – no gluten, no dairy, no sugar and no GMO. Since opening in 2011 as a small takeout only operation, they have expanded to accommodate dine-in patrons and a sidewalk patio right on colourful Front Street.

Valley First business banking advisors really take the time to understand their member’s business needs and how they can better serve them, so Alan was more than willing to help out chef / co-owner Hong Lac with the daily routine. After picking up some fresh local produce, a little prep work in the kitchen and waiting a few tables, the two sat down to a delicious looking meal and talk business.

Hong embraces the "food to fork" philosophy and always looks locally for his ingredients, so it was no surprise that he also looked locally when it came time to choose a financial institution: “Being an Okanagan-based company with a very strong community focus, Valley First was an obvious choice for us.”

“We never even considered the big banks, we were dead set on a local credit union from day one and we chose Valley First. We’ve never banked anywhere else.”

Wild Scallion has grown a lot from very humble beginnings just four years ago and we asked Hong where he thinks the secret to small business success lies. “Start small and grow in stages. Keep it in-house and avoid outsourcing at all costs. You also need to procure locally and support your community.”

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