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Dogtown Coffee Co. bringing people together one cuppa joe at a time
July 7, 2014

Focusing on the local community and offering exceptional customer service the keys to success for one Valley First commercial banking member

Penticton, B.C.—Creating connections, serving high quality coffee and finding unique ways to bring the community together. Three elements that South Okanagan-based Dogtown Coffee Co. strives to bring to their community as part of their mission statement. Serving the Okanagan Falls community since February 2012 and now the Penticton market in its newly opened cafe, Dogtown Coffee Co. is working hard on creating a name for itself amongst some of the bigger chain coffee shops in town.

For Corrie Corfield, owner of Dogtown Coffee Co., it has been a long-time dream to own and operate a local coffee shop in the community that she has called home for the past five years. “Since moving to Okanagan Falls, I saw that there really wasn’t a community space for people to come together and connect in the area,” says Corfield. “I think there’s so much potential for the community that hasn’t been tapped into and I really wanted to be the catalyst for other businesses in the area to see that it’s possible to turn Okanagan Falls into a thriving community.”

Local philosophy, local support

“I’m sure as many small business owners would agree, having to compete against big businesses or box chain stores is definitely challenging,” says Corfield. “But, we’re proud to be a local, family-run business in the Okanagan and as part of our business philosophy we’re committed to doing our part in supporting other local suppliers and businesses where possible.”

Corfield argues that although bigger chains are seemingly shifting their focus to be more community-oriented these days, this has always been one of the primary goals of Dogtown Coffee Co. “We live and work in this area, so everything we do we’re invested in giving back, serving and promoting the communities of Okanagan Falls and Penticton. We don’t leave at the end of the day, this is our home.”

Working with the right financial partner

Since moving to the Okanagan from Winnipeg, Corfield has been banking with Valley First. She is a strong believer in credit unions as she quickly realized that she wanted to do business with a financial institution that was more in line with her core values. “It’s stressful to be a small business owner and I’ve had to face a lot of bumps on the road to get to where I am today. The support and advice I’ve received from my commercial account manager Heather O’Coin has been phenomenal. It’s a big strain mentally and emotionally any time you’re facing challenges with your business, so being able to rely on Heather to provide expert advice and solutions that work for us has been a huge weight off our shoulders.”

Growing the company, one cuppa joe at a time

Corfield has clear growth plans for Dogtown Coffee Co. “Within the next five years, I’m hoping that we’ll be in a position to expand our current locations or maybe open up another location in the area,” she says. “It’s hard not to put the cart before the horse when you have big dreams for your business, but we’re committed to growing our business but at the same time keeping our roots firmly planted in Okanagan Falls. This is where it all started, so it’s important to me that whatever success we reap comes back to supporting this community that has supported me so well over the last few years.”

Currently, Dogtown Coffee Co. has two locations in Okanagan Falls and Penticton.

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