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BC Children's Hospital

Valley First has been committed to raising funds for BC Children’s Hospital for many years. Why do we do it?

Every day about 630 seriously ill or critically injured children visit BC Children’s Hospital for treatment. We know these children and families are our employees and our members and we want to help.

Since 2007, Valley First and its employees have contributed $51,900 to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Mark your calendars now for May 4, 2017 and join us as we pull on our jeans for BC Children’s Hospital.


Sophia’s story

"My beautiful granddaughter Sophia was born June 13, 2013 at White Rock Hospital. Immediately following birth, she and her mom were quickly transported to BC Children’s Hospital as doctors knew something was wrong with Sophia’s heart.

Over the next week Sophia was kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) while the appropriate tests were done. It was confirmed that she had a very large hole in her heart—between the two chambers—and also a narrowing of the Pulmonary Artery. Both would require surgery. Sophia’s first surgery took place at one week old. Before she was three months old, and still only seven pounds, she underwent open heart surgery to repair the hole.

It was a harrowing experience for Sophia as well as all of us, especially the new parents. It was so scary to see her attached to so many machines being so little. We knew she was in the best hands and in the best hospital possible. The repair to her heart was successful and in only three days she was moved to the regular ward and ten days later she was home.

BC Children’s Hospital helped us through the ordeal as well as little Sophia. They took time to explain every step and to answer questions, helping us understand Sophia’s situation and all that was being done for her. I can’t imagine what we would have done if BC Children’s Hospital and the incredible team of doctors, specialists and nurses hadn’t been available to us. We are truly fortunate to have that kind of expertise right within our reach.

Sophia now has some new issues with her aorta and her breathing and consequently she is still a regular patient at BC Children’s Hospital. Although she is growing and thriving and making up for lost time, she will likely undergo one more surgery before her first birthday."

Get involved

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We encourage you to contact us or visit us at any time regarding our involvement in your community!