Valley First

London Benchmark (Canada)

Valley First is proud to be a member of London Benchmark Group (Canada). LBG Canada is a community of Canadian companies working toward a higher standard in the management, valuation and performance measurement of corporate community investment and involvement.

Through LBG Canada, we are able to capture, standardize, and report the total value of our community investment factoring in such criteria as in-kind contributions, external partnerships and resources leveraged, employee time during working hours and program management costs. Using these criteria, Valley First’s contribution to our communities in 2012 is $779,225.

Here’s how our investment was allocated in 2012:

We’re talking a different language within community investment this year, motivation, impact areas and leverage. Here’s some definitions to assist:

  • Philanthropic Investment - One-off or intermittent donations in response to charity appeals or in support of employee charitable activities;
  • Social Investment - Longer-term, strategic involvement in community partnerships that address a specific range of social issues that are important to the company or to company stakeholders.
  • Commercial Initiatives - Activities in the community that directly support a business objective, or promote or protect the commercial interest of the corporation.
  • Leverage – Working with community partners and our employees, it’s about enhancing our support with donated dollars, volunteerism and additional resources.

Get involved

We are always looking for support from the community, which is why we have made it so convenient for you to donate online or at any of our community branches.
We encourage you to contact us or visit us at any time regarding our involvement in your community!