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You Asked?

Where does the money I donate go?
It goes to the local food bank you specify. That way, the money you donate in your community STAYS in your community. Too often, charitable causes take funds and they go into a giant pot somewhere, but the impact isn’t seen at the local level. Feed the Valley works because it’s a local movement.

Can I donate to more than one food bank?
Yes! Because the program allows you to choose which food bank your donation will benefit, you can certainly donate to more than one!

Can I donate on a regular basis?
Of course! You can set up a pre-authorized contribution to the food bank of your choice – in an amount and frequency that you set up. So – if you want to donate $20 each payday, and you get paid every other Friday, just tell us—we’ll take care of the rest!

What if I’m not a member of Valley First—can I still donate?
Absolutely! Just come into any Valley First branch to make a cash donation, or donate online with our community partner, Food Banks BC.

How do I get a tax receipt?
If you donate online you’ll receive your charitable tax receipt immediately from Food Banks BC. We’ve covered all administration fees so 100% of your donation will directly impact your chosen food bank.

Cash donations of $20 or more, made at any Valley First branch, will receive a tax receipt from your selected food bank on a quarterly basis. At the time of your donation, you’ll receive an ‘Interim payment acknowledgement’ form which will show that you’ve made the donation at our branch. In the case of pre-authorized donations, you may receive a receipt at the end of the year, in time to use on your tax return.

On your donation page what does “Unspecified partner food bank” mean?
Donors who want to contribute to Feed the Valley but who may not have a preference of food bank recipient, can chose this category. On a quarterly basis, Food Banks BC will let us know which food bank(s) received the least amount of donations. We’ll divide up the unspecified funds equitably—it helps to ensure that all communities are supported by Feed the Valley.

Why was Feed the Valley set up?
To tackle the enormous problem of hunger in our community!


Get Involved

We are always looking for support from the community, which is why we have made it so convenient for you to donate online or at any of our community branches.
We encourage you to contact us or visit us at any time regarding our involvement in your community!