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Responsible Investing

There are many decisions and choices to be made when it comes to investing. Responsible Investing (RI) with NEI Investments, is the choice for those Canadians who seek competitive returns and also care about how the companies they invest in conduct themselves and impact communities.

Responsible Investing

NEI Investments is a leading provider of mutual funds and investment portfolios. NEI offers Canada’s largest and most diversified range of Responsible Investment (RI) solutions. NEI’s goal is to make a positive difference – for investors, partners, and society. Visit to learn more.

Responsible Investment (RI) Solutions

NEI offers a full range of RI solutions that cover all major asset classes, investment styles and geographic regions. A variety of RI approaches are applied selectively by NEI’s proprietary ESG team across NEI's lineup of funds and portfolios, with solutions that carry the Responsible Screen (RS) designation automatically excluding investments in select categories and industries.

NEI is a fully Canadian company, and wholly-owned subsidiary of Aviso Wealth Inc., which is owned 50% by Desjardins Financial Holdings Inc. and 50% by a limited partnership owned by the five Provincial Credit Union Centrals and the CUMIS Group Limited. Combined, Aviso Wealth Management has nearly $60 Billion in Assets Under Management and Administration as at August 31, 2018. This backing of experience and support provides NEI with stability and the resources to actively pursue business growth through credit unions and independent financial advisors across Canada. This strategic partnership has created a national investment firm that today manages over $6 billion in investor assets.

How Responsible Investing Works

Choosing Responsible Investments

Responsible investing is the process of making investment decisions using traditional financial analysis while also evaluating performance on environmental, social and governance factors.

NEI’s proprietary ESG process consists of:

Financial Analysis: Independent portfolio managers begin by assessing companies through traditional financial analysis to identify the best investment opportunities.

ESG Analysis: Proprietary evaluation process adds an extra layer of due diligence, identifying often overlooked risks.

  • Identify sector-specific material ESG risks to establish baseline expectations for companies.
  • Exclude companies involved in activities that are not consistent with accepted norms and values (tobacco, nuclear) or that violate international treaties (weapons banned under international humanitarian law).
  • Evaluate every company to ensure that it satisfies our baseline expectations.

Portfolio Construction: Build portfolios with companies that fulfill both financial and ESG objectives.

Monitoring and Investigation: Continuously monitor all portfolio companies for headline risk. If a company has potentially committed a significant transgression of management ethics or responsible practices, conduct a management breach investigation and take appropriate action.

Corporate Engagement: As shareholders, actively engage with many of the companies held in NEI’s funds to improve their ESG practices through dialogue, shareholder resolutions and proxy voting.

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