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Lease Offer for New Canadians

Welcome to Canada! We would like to help you get your first vehicle so that you can get to where you'd like to go. We don't need your credit history or verification of your income—all you need is 25% down*, and you'll be driving away in your new car.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduce tax
  • Save cash
  • Get more for your money
  • Control your expenses
  • Choice of vehicle make and model

Acceptable Permanent resident codes that qualify:

  • Skilled Worker category 1,2, or 3 (SW)
  • Self-Employed (SE2)
  • Provincial Nominee (PV2)
  • Investor (NV5)
  • Entrepreneur (EN2)
  • Canadian Experience (CE1,CE2)


Please note: you'll need your BC Drivers license or learners.

*conditions apply

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