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Official Cheques & Drafts

Valley First has made it convenient for you to pay for goods and services with something other than cash. If you'd like a record of your payment or purchase, an official cheque or draft is a great option.

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Official Cheques

Key Features & Benefits

Send money conveniently and securely through the mail.

  • Available in Canadian funds
  • Guaranteed to be as good as cash, but can be sent safely through the mail


  • Members: $8
  • Non-members: $20



Key Features & Benefits

Need to make a payment in foreign currency? Consider a bank draft and mail money abroad with confidence.

  • Issued in over 40 international currencies
  • Guaranteed to be as good as cash, but can be safely sent through the mail
  • Cleared on a local basis in each country
  • Specially priced for large transactions


  • U.S. drafts (members): $8
  • Foreign currency drafts (members): $8

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