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Get your important documents electronically from online banking—it's simple, secure, and environmentally-friendly.

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Key Features & Benefits

We offer eDocuments as a simple and secure way to provide our members with access to their important documents through our online banking service.



  • Faster and more convenient

    With eDocuments you can access your important documents when and where you need them, through online banking.

  • Electronic archiving

    Your eDocuments are the legal equivalent to paper documents, and you can archive these documents electronically for future reference without having to sift through a mountain of paperwork. Available eDocuments include:

    • T4RSP
    • T4RIF
    • T5
    • NR4
    • RSP contribution receipts

  • Easy access

    Your eDocuments are available for download as a PDF file, plus you can print or save them from your own computer when you need to.

  • Green solution

    Having access to eDocuments through online banking reduces the amount of paper used—so using this service helps protect the environment!


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