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Choosing Your Investments

Expert tips on choosing your investment line-up

When it comes to investing, one of the most common questions is how should money be invested to maximize returns. Unfortunately, in unpredictable markets and with the many different investment options available, there is no simple answer.

Bruce LeFranc, a financial planner at Valley First, points out that while most investors have a similar end goal in mind—to make more money—they usually have little idea of how to make that a reality.

“Everyone wants to see the greatest possible return on their investment in the shortest possible time,” says LeFranc. “However, with the many options available, investing can be confusing. The first step in seeing through the financial fog is to fully understand not only what you want to achieve but also what you are comfortable with.”

When talking comfort levels, conversation inevitably turns to different investment types. For most, this means putting money into the well-establish registered retirement savings plan or using a relatively new tax-free savings account.

“Many people like the familiarity of RRSPs and TFSAs,” explains LeFranc. “These are solid, relatively safe options as they encourage saving while providing tax benefits. But, ongoing low interest rates mean returns are not as great as they once were. As a result, I’ve seen increasing investor interest in other investment options.”

One of those options is mutual funds, a type of managed investment that pools money from many investors to create greater choice in investments.

“Mutual funds are growing in popularity as they offer investors even greater choice,” says LeFranc. “At Valley First, we have a number of options that let the risk-tolerant invest more aggressively and the risk-averse invest more conservatively. Our members also have the option of splitting their mutual funds investment over a number of categories, spreading the risk and return.”

Just like the many options, there are also many types of investors, adds LeFranc.

“No two investors are alike. They all have different ideas about risks, returns, access to cash in an emergency or the type of industries or companies they invest in. By understanding their goals, expectations and comfort levels, at Valley First, we can tailor individual investment options.”


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