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winwin® Term Deposit: a low-risk investment for the cautious investor

If the thought of investing makes you anxious, don’t worry. You’re not alone. People get nervous about investing for many reasons. Whether it’s feeling stressed over making a wise investment choice, to being scared about losing money or simply feeling like there’s no money to spare—investing can be a daunting venture.

That’s why we’re here to help. Investing with Valley First is simple with our winwin® Term Deposit—a stress-free source of investment income, and an excellent way to save for the happy future you deserve.

What is a winwin® Term Deposit?

The winwin® Term Deposit is a low-risk investment option that’s safe and affordable for even the most stretched budgets. We guarantee the return amount you’ll get back on your investment, but higher returns over the long-term are possible. Best of all, your deposits are 100% guaranteed, so you won’t lose a single cent of your hard-earned money.

A high reward, low-risk investment option

Is a winwin® Term Deposit the right investment for you? Here are some reasons why you should consider this investment option:

  • Because the minimum deposit amount for a winwin® Term Deposit is low, there’s no need to commit a sizeable portion of your budget to investments if you can’t afford to. Just know that the money you DO invest will be earning you even more money.
  • With a winwin® term, your money is only invested for three to five years, allowing you to re-invest that money regularly to get the best returns.
  • At the end of term you’ll get a set amount back guaranteed, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Even if the closing index value is lower than your principal investment, you’ll still get back the full amount you invested.
  • The guaranteed minimum return is just the tip of the iceberg—you could potentially earn a lot more. Think of a winwin® term as a way of investing in the stock market without the anxiety or stress.
  • The term deposit interest rates are based on the performance of eight of Canada’s leading financial institutions.
  • A winwin® Term Deposit is RSP and TFSA eligible as well, so you’ll benefit from tax-free earnings.

We’ll even throw in some expert advice, free of charge

Still not sure? Our financial experts would be happy to meet with you and chat about whether a winwin® Term Deposit would meet your specific financial needs. Book a meeting to get started. Or, you can learn more about the winwin® Term Deposit, including a history of returns, on our website.

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