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Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring clean your finances and save at Valley First

The arrival of spring signals a change in season. For many, it also signals the start of the annual de-cluttering—the proverbial spring clean. While spring is a good time to get your house in order, it’s also a great time to clean up your finances.

“People are often reluctant to review their accounts and financial needs,” says Valley First’s Guisachan branch manager Marion Henselwood. “However, regular account reviews are essential. It may not seem like it, but your finances are a lot like your car. You’ve got to have regular service checks to ensure you are getting the best performance.”

With the seemingly countless number of chequing, saving and investment products—especially since the addition of multiple tax-free savings account options—it’s easy to settle for an account that may not be meeting your needs. And, while it may be easier to stick with your old accounts in the short-term, it may cost you money down the road.

“It’s not uncommon for people to have two or three chequing accounts that are almost the same,” says Henselwood. “What is often overlooked is this can also mean multiple rounds of services fees and charges. By making time to review your accounts with a financial expert, you can actually save money and get more of the services you actually need.”

According to Henselwood, simplifying your finances can also provide a better view of your full financial picture and help your manage income and outflows; not to mention controlling credit spending and debt.

“It takes a very skilful juggler to keep eight balls in the air; however, most jugglers can manage two or three,” says Henselwood. “The same is true of our accounts and finances.

“Having fewer accounts better suited to your needs makes it much easier to manage personal income and expenditure including any credit, loan or mortgage payments.”

Henselwood also points to the changing economic environment as a good motivator for reviewing our finances.

“With personal debt at record highs, the Bank of Canada urging Canadians to be more financially responsible and the growing chance of rate increases, we should all be looking at our finances and account setups to make sure they best meet our needs now and in the future.”


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