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Welcome to our educational video resource centre! We're pleased to present a number of videos below that cover, and uncover, the burning questions that many people have on topics related to banking, investing, borrowing and getting insurance.

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What does a lower loonie mean for your investments?

A lower Canadian dollar is a feature of the current economic landscape. If you invest in U.S. stocks, returns can potentially be eroded if the loonie starts to appreciate.

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Including U.S. and global stocks in your portfolio

Whether you invest with individual stocks, or with ETFs or mutual funds, diversification is a key to participating in growth areas of the global economy, while limiting your exposure to risk. Here's how to diversify by sector and geography.

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Keeping it Simple®: Water Damage Prevention

Our expert shares some insight on how you can protect yourself from the devastation that water damage can create. If you'd like more information, please contact one of our insurance experts at any of our Valley First insurance locations.

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Keeping it Simple®: Fraud Prevention

Phishing is a scam to obtain personal information from unsuspecting victims. Don't be caught by a phishing scam. Check out some important tips from Valley First for protecting yourself.

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Keeping it Simple®: Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important part of any trip. You never know when things can go from being a paradise to a living nightmare. Find out more from our insurance expert on what you should consider when making your travel insurance decisions.

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Keeping it Simple®: RSPs and TFSAs

Deciding on whether to choose an RSP versus a TFSA can be challenging. Find out more from our expert advisor on what you should consider when making your investment decisions.

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