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What does a trustee do?

If you’re named a trustee for a spouse, loved one or friend, you’ll manage and administer their estate when they pass away. A trustee’s role is important, and rewarding – you’re fulfilling this person’s final wishes. As trustee, you’ll need to manage the business affairs of the deceased, and depending on the details of the estate, you could be serving in the role for some time. For instance, if a trust is set up to fund the education of a child or grandchild, you may be guarding these assets for a decade or longer.

What are the responsibilities of a trustee?

Some of your responsibilities as trustee could include:

  • Reading the will and determining that the will is the last will of the deceased
  • Locating and notifying the beneficiaries
  • Opening an estate bank account
  • Setting up and administering any trust funds included in the will
  • Distributing assets as detailed in the will
  • Compiling an inventory of assets and debts
  • Settling debts from the estate account
  • Filing taxes of the deceased

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How can we help you as a trustee?

If your duties as trustee become overwhelming, let us help. We’ve partnered with Concentra Trust to offer you professional trust services. Make an appointment to speak with a wealth management expert for guidance at your nearest branch today.


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