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How do I choose a trustee?

When choosing an individual or organization to be a trustee for your assets or estate, there are several guidelines you should keep in mind:

  • Your trustee should be a person who has proven to be reliable, experienced and sensible. Your trustee will be making important decisions on your behalf, and should be objective and able to decide what’s in the best interests of the beneficiaries.
  • Your trustee should be someone in good health who lives relatively close to you. You may wish to name a second or third candidate, in case your first choice is unable to perform their duties as a trustee.
  • If possible, your trustee should have experience with financial and legal matters.
  • You may wish to change your estate trustee as your life changes – if you start a family or you go through a divorce, the trustee you have may no longer be the most suitable choice.

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We can help you in choosing an estate trustee

In some cases, choosing a trust company to serve as trustee versus a family friend or relative is the best solution. We’ve partnered with Concentra Trust to offer you professional trust services. Concentra has the knowledge and skill to offer you trust solutions that will meet your needs—no matter how complex. They’ll walk you through the process of setting up a trust and will be responsible to your beneficiaries when your assets are being administered.


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