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What to do after the passing of a loved one

When a parent, spouse or family member passes away, there are important matters that will need to be looked after. That said, give yourself time to grieve first.

Some important tasks to settling the estate of a loved one include:

  • Find out if your assistance is needed at the deceased’s residence to relocate pets, collect mail, dispose of food, or look after other urgent issues
  • Locate the will of the deceased and have it accepted for probate
  • Ensure any dependents of the deceased have proper care in place
  • Notify friends and family of the deceased who may be unaware that this person has passed away
  • Contact the deceased’s employer (if they were employed) and find out if they had life insurance, a pension, benefits, or outstanding pay that are owed to beneficiaries or the estate
  • Plan the funeral—these expenses are normally covered by the estate or the deceased may have had a pre-paid burial plan
  • Order a death certificate—you’ll likely need multiple copies to settle the estate if you are the executor
  • Contact any financial institutions the deceased had accounts with to notify them—if the deceased had RRSPs or RRIFs, find out who the beneficiaries are
  • Determine if the deceased owned jointly held property or other assets that need to be dealt with
  • If you’re also the executor of the estate, you’ll need to settle the debts of the estate, locate all the assets and disperse money/assets (if applicable) to the estate beneficiaries

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