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Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can strike at the most inopportune time, that's why it's a good idea to have some savings socked away or at least a plan of action for covering your financial obligations if you aren't able to work. We can help.


On the job

It's never fun to be injured on the job, but it's nice to know that if it happens to you, you'll be covered by the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB). The WCB is an organization set up to help employers create a safer working environment for their workforce; it also provides financial assistance to employees who are harmed in the course of their regular work duties.


If you discover a potential hazard in your workplace, report it to your manager or facilities department so that accidents can be prevented.

Off the job

Even if you are injured away from work, you may be able to receive a portion of your regular income through Employment Insurance sickness benefits.

  • If you have worked for a certain period of time before your injury, you could get 55% of your weekly wages for a maximum period of 15 weeks.
  • You'll need to apply for this benefit as soon after your last day of work as possible.
  • You will need your Record of Employment stating how long you worked for your last employer(s) and how much you were earning, as well as a medical statement from your doctor stating that you're unable to work and how long your injury is expected to keep you from the workforce.

How we can help

Whether you’ve been injured on the job or away from work, if you are in need of time to recuperateyou will likely be needing some assistance in re-shuffling your financial obligations. That’s where we can help. Our investment experts can have a look at what your financial plan is an adjust it so that you can keep going without a hiccup. After all, you’ll need to focus on getting better, not worrying about how your bills will be paid.


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