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At Valley First, we make it simple for our members to send and receive money without having to visit one of our branches. Interac e-Transfer® provide a convenient way for members to transfer money quickly and securely.

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Interac e-Transfer®

Key Features & Benefits

Need to send money in a hurry? Use Interac e-Transfer®—the fast, convenient, secure way to send and receive money instantly using your computer or mobile phone.

You can send money to anyone who has a Canadian deposit account, all you need is their email address or mobile phone number.

Now you can send an Interac e-Transfer® for free with our Simply Free Account™!


Features of Interac e-Transfer®
  • Send money instantly—pay your babysitter, contribute to a gift purchase or send money to a friend. It's simple!
  • Receive money from others in less than 30 minutes—no more waiting
  • View the status of your e-Transfer transactions anytime through online banking or Mobile Web for your smartphone
  • Access your e-Transfer history so you can see at a glance whether you've made the transfer or not

Getting started

  • You'll need to set up a Sender Profile in online banking. Simply click on “Transfers” from the side menu and select “Send Interac e-Transfer®”—you'll be prompted to set this up.
  • Next, you'll need to add each recipient you plan to send money to. You can do this by clicking “Transfers” from the side menu and selecting “Add/Delete Recipient”. You'll assign each recipient a specific security question which they'll need to answer in order to access the funds you've sent them-this is an added level of security to ensure that your e-Transfer isn't intercepted by someone else.
  • Now, you're set up to send money. Simply click on “Transfers” from the side menu and select “Send Interac e-Transfer®”. It's that simple.

Detailed information on how to use the Interac e-Transfer® features, is provided in our User Guide.

Need access to online banking?

No problem. Simply contact your branch and you'll receive your access information right away. If you've got a smartphone, you can access online banking through Mobile Web.

Service fees

  • Sending an Interac e-Transfer® is FREE with our Simply Free Account™
  • With our other accounts, sending an Interac e-Transfer® will cost $1.00 per transaction (non-refundable). If you have a High Interest Savings Account, the fee is $5.00 per transaction.
  • Receiving an e-Transfer is free.

Transaction Limits for Sending

(7 days)
(30 days)
Maximum limit $3,000$10,000 $20,000

Transaction Limits for Receiving

(7 days)
(30 days)
Maximum limit $10,000$25,000 $50,000

Additional information

®Trade-Mark of Interac Inc. Used under licence

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