Fraud is a reality in today's world and so we're committed to helping our members learn how to protect themselves and their information. From offering a secure online banking system, to training and educating our employees on fraud scams and detection practices—we offer our members a secure banking experience.


One of our most important objectives is ensuring that your online and mobile banking experience is as safe and secure as possible. To provide secure online and mobile banking, Valley First implements the following measures:

  • Automatic session timeouts—To prevent certain forms of session hijackings, online and mobile banking sessions automatically end if inactive for 15 minutes.
  • Temporarily disabling online account —To prevent against brute force password guessing attempts, online accounts are temporarily disabled if too many failed attempts to login are recorded.
  • Data encryption—Our online and mobile banking service ensures that any information in transit between your desktop or mobile device and our banking environment cannot be read or altered.
  • Communication standards—We will never ask you to provide your passwords/PINs in email or any other communication method. ​


Security is a team effort and you play a leading role in the ongoing fight against fraudsters. If your personal information is compromised by criminals, you might receive letters seeking repayment of debts you haven't incurred or find unexplained withdrawals in your bank account. It can take a lot of time and effort to resolve such issues and your credit rating may be affected as a result.

By following some simple steps, you can safeguard your money and your information:


Fraud can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Keep ahead of the scammers by doing everything you can to protect yourself. Read the below to learn how to spot the traps and avoid becoming a fraud victim.


​We have several alerts available which can help protect you against potential fraud on your account and also let you know when we've got a special offer for you.

  • Online Login
    We'll alert you everytime you login to online banking. That way you'll be notified right away if someone other than you gained access to your online banking.
  • Online banking account locked out
    This alert will notify you anytime an inocorrect response to your security question has resulted in you account being locked.
  • Personal Access Code (PAC) changed
    If your PAC is changed, we'll alert you. If this transaction wasn't authorized by you, you'll be able to report it to us immediately.
  • Add a new Interac e-Transfer recipient
    We’ll alert you if a new e-Transfer recipient has been added. This will help you detect possible fraud on your account.
  • New bill payee added
    We’ll alert you if a new bill payee has been added to your account options in online banking. This is useful to you in tracking fraud on your account since fraudulent activity commonly involves the transfer of funds out of an account to a bogus vendor.
  • New message available
    If you sign up for this alert, you'll be the first to know about our special offers and other important messages about our products or services.
  • Small Business Banking alerts
    Our business members can also register for 'Transaction Pending Approval' and 'Transaction About to Expire' alerts.


Your online security is our first priority. This is why we take extra precautions to ensure you're the only person who can access your online banking or mobile app, even if someone knows your password. 

This is also why we're asking all members using our digital banking services to set up two-step verification (also known as two-factor authorization). You can think of it as an update to providing an answer to the security question only you should be able to answer.

How this will protect you

To log in to online banking with two-step verification enabled, you'll need to provide two things:

  • Something only you know — your password
  • And something only you have — a one-time verification code sent to your email address or your phone via text

It's important to note that two-step verification is only presented when there is a potential risk to your online banking account. For instance, if you're using a new device to log in to your online account.

So most of the time you will not be prompted for verification. But know that if you are, it is very much for your protection.


If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud where it pertains to your account(s) with Valley First, please call our Member Advice Centre at 1-888-597-8083 or visit your branch right away.


Call 1-888-597-8083 to report a lost or stolen MemberCard debit card. (You may be asked to leave a message: please include your name and phone number so we can verify your information.)

If your Valley First Mastercard is lost or stolen, call Mastercard Cardholder Support (available 24/7)

  • North America: 1-855-341-4643
  • International Collect: 1-647-252-9564


​BC Crime Prevention Association
An educationally-based crime prevention campaign, aimed at preventing fraud and reducing the fear of crime throughout the province.

Counterfeit Currency
How you can tell if money is counterfeit, and what you should do if it is.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Center (formerly known as Phonebusters)
Find out the latest emerging fraud trends, advice on protecting yourself and a victim's guide that will help you recover from fraud loss.

BC Securities Commission's Invest Right Website
Find out more on avoiding investment frauds and scams.

Government of Canada's Public Safety Website
Get public safety tips on a variety of topics

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