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Refer a friend and you'll both get rewarded.

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Do you love banking with a credit union and saving yourself from having to pay fees for simple, everyday transactions? Here's a reason to love it even more; let your friends in on the fun.

Refer a friend and you both get $50. You can earn up to $250 a year!

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​​​Who qualifies to participate in the Valley First Referral Perks Program?

Participants of the program must meet the minimum age requirement of 17. A Referrer must be an existing First West Credit Union member in good standing. A referee must be a non-member of First West Credit Union. See "Referrer Qualifications" and "New Member Qualifications" in the Terms & Conditions for more details.

​Do referrals expire?

Yes. Referrals via email and social media are valid for 60 days.

​Is there a maximum number of referrals that I can make?

No. However each member will only receive up to $250 in account credits in a calendar year. 

​​What information will I have to give to make a referral?

All referrals go through an automated matching process with our banking system so we can verify that both members qualify for rewards. In order for the referral to be approved, you must provide your first name, last name and date of birth to Referral Perks and this must match your banking information. You must also provide a valid email address so that we can contact you about your referral status.

​​How can I see the status of my referrals?

Login to the Valley First Referral Perks website and click Referral History.

​​The person I referred deleted the referral email or no longer has the social media posting. What should I do?

You can log in to the Valley First Referral Perks site and resend the referral. Or your referee can visit the site, click Were you Referred? and enter your email address to register.

​What should I do if I have questions or am experiencing trouble with the Referral Perks site?

If you have questions or are experiencing difficulties on the Referral Perks site, click the Contact Us link in the bottom navigation of the Referral Perks site to submit your inquiry to the Support Team. This will ensure that it reaches the appropriate people and you receive the quickest response.

​How do I register for the Valley First Referral Perks Program if someone has referred me?

Click on the link contained in the Referral Perks email/message and follow the instructions to register for the program.

If you were referred verbally, you must register by clicking the Were you Referred? button on the Referral Perks site. Enter the email address of the friend who referred you, and we'll email them to confirm the referral.

​Is there a time limit to open an account with Valley First to qualify for the reward?

Yes. A qualified referee must open their new Valley First Simply Free Account® and set up and complete a pre-authorized debit or credit transaction within 60 days of unlocking their offer.

​How do face-to-face referrals work?

The referrer must register on the Valley First Referral Perks website prior to making verbal referrals. Once registered, the referrer can make referrals:

  • Verbally
    Direct your friends to valleyfirst.com/refer to click on the Were you Referred? button. They'll enter your email address and follow the instructions provided by the site, and we'll email you to confirm the referral.
  • Printable cards
    Print referral cards and give them to family, friends and colleagues. They visit the url displayed on the card, click on the Were you Referred? button, enter your email address, and follow the instructions provided by the site.

​How does my referral qualify for a Referral Perks reward?

When you refer a friend to Valley First, you may each qualify to have the rewarded transferred into your account if:

  • They UNLOCK your referral offer.
  • They meet the minimum age requirement of 17, become a new member of First West Credit Union, open a Simply Free Account® and set up and complete a recurring pre-authorized debit or credit transaction on that account.
  • You both complete your Referral Perks profile.

See the Rules for details.

How many Valley First Referral Perks rewards can I earn?

You can earn up to $250 per calendar year. Referees who receive their first reward for being referred are eligible to earn up to $250 per calendar year in additional rewards for making their own referrals. 

​How long does it take to receive my Referral Perks reward?

Once the referral has been approved and all criteria met, your reward will take 7 business days to be credited to your account.

Learn more about the Program Rules and Terms & Conditions of our Referral Perks® program.

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