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Learn what it means to be a federal credit union including benefits and risks, voting details and the proposed bylaws at



It’s worth it, to all of us.​​

We are a financial cooperative.​​

You may have heard of cooperatives. Some of them sell sporting goods, some of them sell groceries or fuel. All of them are about people achieving more together than they can on their own. As a financial cooperative, we’re like that too. ​​

When you join our credit union you are a member, not a customer, and that makes all the difference. Our members are our owners and have an equal say in how our credit union operates, no matter their balance. ​​

Our members empower us to put people before profits and work in their true interests. By providing world-class banking services, the best financial advice in Canada and an approach that centres around our members, we simplify lives, helping members and communities thrive.​​

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What does this mean for your financial wellbeing? 

​It’s simple. Your goals are our goals. We grow when you grow. It’s a partnership, not a transaction.




Our expert financial advice focuses on your evolving financial needs, not making short-term profits for faraway shareholders.



​Our profits are reinvested into our membership through free day-to-day banking, low-fee business accounts and great rates.



Enjoy competitive returns knowing your deposits help us support organizations that strengthen your local businesses and community.






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Members vote for directors at board elections, giving you a say in how our credit union operates.

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Expert financial advice and local decision making to meet your financial needs as they evolve.

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Free day-to-day personal banking including free Interac e-Transfer®.

24/7 secure online and mobile app banking.


We partner with local organizations to create good things in our communities.

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Your deposits are 100% protected up to any amount by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

​Become a member

Reach your financial goals and strengthen your community – that’s banking with purpose. Discover the benefits of belonging to a financial cooperative. Open a Simply Free Account® today or call 1-888-597-8083 to get started.

Become a business member

Whether you’re a small business starting out or a large established operation, we have the right products, services and advice for you. Let us help you reach new levels of success. 

From November 1, 2021, to November 21, 2021, the members of First West Credit Union voted on special resolutions that, among other things, authorize First West to apply to become a federal credit union under the Bank Act. If First West becomes a federal credit union, it will automatically become a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) and Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia deposit insurance will no longer apply. See attached Notice for further detail on what this change means to your deposits with First West.



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“We are champions of the extraordinary potential that lives within every member.  Valley First is committed in providing the advice that will make a meaningful difference in their financial success while partnering to help our communities thrive.”


Paulo Araujo, President


​Valley First in the community

Our Make a Difference Days encourage employees to volunteer in their communities with local non-profit agencies.  We're boots on the ground, supporting a wide variety of community projects.  Since 2007, we've taken part in 597 projects and served 10,936 hours.

Our commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity

Valley First's foundational values demand that we, as an organization, actively strive for equity, inclusion and diversity. We believe in cultivating an environment in which every employee, member and community partner—both present and future—is valued for their uniqueness and is empowered to thrive.


We believe in the power of partnership, working together to achieve social impact and make a difference in our communities.



Through our partnership with the First West Foundation, ​$1,719,391 has been granted from the foundation’s endowments and charitable giving campaigns in 2021.

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Our employees spent 980 hours helping those in need and building our local communities in 2021.


We are on a mission to raise food, funds and awareness for our local food banks. In 2021 alone, we provided 577,262 meals through our Signature Cause, Feed The Valley.