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Frequently Asked Questions

We always recommend having text and email enabled so you can receive 2SV codes. That way you can get your code whether you’re connected to WiFi or using your cellular data. If you have your email set up to receive 2SV codes, please connect to the Internet and obtain your code.

If you can't obtain your code, we will assist you in gaining access to your account, provided we are able to verify your identity over the phone.

  • If you're travelling within the USA, please call us at 1-888-597-8083
  • If you’re travelling outside of Canada and the USA, please call 1-250-276-4374 but note that long distance charges may apply. Also please be aware that certain countries or parts of countries are restricting calls to or from Canada and your call might not be completed.

Look for the logos on the back of your MemberCard and if at least one matches what you see on an ATM or POS system, your card is compatible. You have access to most ATM networks around the world but we recommend carrying cash, or a credit card as a backup.

We partner with FX Notes Plus to offer our members foreign currency. The price of foreign notes ranges in price depending on several factors, such as the amount ordered and delivery times you select. Visit us in branch for a quote or to place your order. Ordering foreign currency is not available by calling our Member Advice Centre.

Visit any branch location or contact us to get enrolled in online banking.

Learn about direct deposit's from your online banking, the mobile app or from a cheque.

Wire transfers must be sent at a branch and require information about the receiver and their bank like routing number, swift code and more.

Book an appointment at the branch, contact us or ask Finley, our chatbot, to guide you.

If you are sending up to $10,000 within Canada then an Interac e-Transfer® might be the best option for you. If you are sending more than $10,000, or internationally, then you should consider a wire transfer. Learn more about sending money.

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