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All content on www.valleyfirst.com is the property of Valley First. Valley First is a division of First West Credit Union. Only extracts of reasonable length may be reproduced providing that they are solely for private use for the purposes indicated, and that an acknowledgment is given to Valley First. Information provided on the Valley First website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any offer or acceptance of products or services of Valley First. The products and services of Valley First are only offered in jurisdictions where they may be lawfully offered for sale. All Valley First products and services are subject to the terms of the applicable agreement.

Valley First does not guarantee the confidentiality or security of information traveling through the Internet. Furthermore, Valley First accepts no liability for damages suffered if sensitive information is transmitted to us.

Information provided on the Valley First website is believed to be correct when posted. Valley First does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of said information and reserves the right to revise product information at any time, without notice. This website is not intended to provide professional advice including, without limitation to, legal, accounting, or tax matters. Advice from appropriate professionals should be obtained in order to deal with any particular matter or use of the content of the Valley First website. Valley First does not guarantee the accuracy of financial calculators provided on the Valley First website. Calculations of said calculators does not in any way constitute an offer of products or rates on behalf of Valley First.

Reference to any third-party products, services or information at this or any linked site is not intended to be an endorsement by Valley First, and Valley First disclaims all liability to same. Content expressed in news sections, editorials or third-party pages does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Valley First, its employees, directors or members.

Any unauthorized downloading, re-transmission, or other copying, use or modification of Trade-marks, corporate logos, imagery or other contents of this Website may be a violation of statutory or common law rights which could subject the violator to legal action.

Valley First is an authorized user of the marks EXCHANGE, INTERAC®, PLUS, ACCULINK®, MASTERCARD, CIRRUS and MEMBER CARD®.

® Trade-Mark of Interac Inc. Used under licence

®ACCULINK is a registered trade-mark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.

®MEMBER CARD and MEMBER CARD & Design are registered certification marks owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.

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