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​Valley First's marquee tents can help you add a special touch to your fundraising or community event. We have a number of 20 x 20 marquee tents that are perfect for establishing a hub of activity at your next event.

Marquee tent sponsorship includes delivery, set-up, and take-down.

All applications received are reviewed on a weekly basis and we will provide you with an email of your application's status within two weeks of your submission. Please note: All applications require at least two weeks notice prior to event date to be accepted.

If your application is approved, a representative from the Tent Guys will be in contact with you at least two business days prior to your event. At this time, set-up and take-down times and locations will be discussed and confirmed. Should you need to change your application, or you have any questions regarding availability or our inventory please contact our community investment team directly at community@valleyfirst.com.

At Valley First, we evaluate every application on its individual merits. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we have developed some guidelines and criteria for giving. Prior to submitting an application, please review the criteria below to assess whether your application fits within Valley First's guidelines.

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We accept applications from organizations that fit within the following categories:

  • Community public service organizations.
  • Community not-for-profit arts, cultural, educational, recreational, or social services organizations.
  • Organizations serving Valley First's communities in a focused manner. Currently, these communities include Armstrong, Kamloops, Kelowna, Keremeos, Lumby, Oliver, Penticton, Princeton, Rutland, Vernon, West Kelowna.

Restrictions to our tent program include:

  • Requests are not provided when the applicant is an individual (for example athletes raising funds to attend the Olympics, etc.), as we prefer to concentrate our efforts on organizations serving a group of people.
  • Organizations must be charitable organizations or not-for-profit groups.
  • Requests are not provided for religious or political organizations and affiliated activities.
  • Requests are not provided for ventures or organizations developing activities for profit. Activities must either be fundraisers or free community events.
  • Requests are not provided for any group that represents a conflict of interest for Valley First, or that promotes specific programs or issues where Members of the Credit Union may have significantly divergent views.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the application, please notify us at community@valleyfirst.com.

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